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Our customers are mainly individuals, families and business entities of all types.
Our efforts are aimed to aid, support and assist our customers and affiliates in
every way.

We realize that we must earn the trust of our customers and affiliates every day.
We try to see things through their eyes. Our goal is to act and react in their best
interest in a fair and comprehensive way.

We will communicate with all account holders weekly with a newsletter. We
know that communication with our account holders is vital and we will be 
ram-ping up our efforts with this in mind. We intend to treat you like we would like
to be treated. Improvements and enhancements to the website, new products,
the software, communication and payment systems will continue to evolve to
reflect the growing needs of our customers and affiliates.
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1101 S. Wincherster Blvd Suite J #225, San Jose, CA 95128